About Us

President – Peter Huber,

Anthroplogy Background – PhD Duke University, Graduate Faculty and Director of Undergraduate studies in Anthropology at Princeton University. 3 years ethnographic fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, NIMH project grant to study gender, cosmology, and social organization; NSF project grant to study agriculture and land use.

Business Background – Research Director, including Claritas GIS project management, and Shady Brook farms account manager, Stuart Ford Agency, Richmond. Founded PBH Analysis and Research in 1987.

Conducts our most highly technical executive/expert interviews, primarily in the software marketing area.

Tech VP – Thomas Barnes. BS in business information management from Virgina Tech.

On prem and hosted GIS software development for multiple, diverse, clients from design to implementation. Data sourcing, capture and cleaning, process and analytic configuration, using Access, ESRI, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, and a variety of GIS support open source resources.

Contributes secondary research to our analysis of software marketing situations.

Ethnographic Associates: Our associates have all been with us ten to 15 years and have broad experience applying our approach to a variety of business situations. Theyhave interviewed shipyard managers, pipeliners, senior manufacturing executives, users of health care and kitchen design software.

They are skilled at assimilating the background and goals of the study, engaging participants in conversation, understanding what they are told, and reporting their conversations in a way which is both focused and rich in concrete detail. They can all write clear concise English – they summarize long transcripts of highly technical interviews created for software marketing projects.

  • Susan Town
  • Susan Smith
  • Jennifer Montgomery